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With more than 10 hours of education, the Global Cold Chain Expo is the place for all sectors of the cold chain industry to learn about industry trends in the temperature-controlled supply chain.

There are multiple types of educational programming offered:

  • Cold Chain Conference presentations targeted at the middle management level of the following industries: food processors, distributors, retailers, transportation, and cold chain providers. The general sessions of the Conference feature high-level supply chain leaders from food processors and retailers. The breakout sessions of the Conference are focused on the following three audiences: Facility General Managers, Supply Chain Logistics Decision Makers at Food Companies, and Facility and Corporate Engineers.
  • Show Floor Education highlights innovations in the cold chain and showcases new products and technologies that are impacting the future of the supply chain. These technical presentations will have a "takeaway" for each attendee that they can implement into their operations.
  • Innovation Showcase Spotlight highlights new products and technologies in a casual setting with quick, focused content.
  • Construction X-Change is an informal discussion-based series of sessions for construction professionals to discuss trends, technologies, challenges. Sponsored by the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC).
  • Ask An Expert get answers to your most pressing cold chain questions at the “Ask an Expert” Consultation Center. An eminent group of food scientists, logistics, and packaging experts from around the world will be stationed at the center, ready to discuss your cold chain challenges.

Educational programming is designed for operations management, engineering, plant managers, transportation directors, and others who buy or lease cold chain services including growers and other food producers who own or lease cooling equipment, cold storage or handling facilities; food manufacturers, fresh processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers who own or leases frozen and/or temperature controlled logistics and facilities; retailers who own or lease refrigeration equipment for maintenance of the cold chain at point-of-sale; and all parties throughout the supply chain who specify refrigerated transportation services from local to global needs.


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If your business is in any way related to the perishables industry, the Global Cold Chain Expo is a can’t-miss event.

Angelo Antoci
President, U.S. Growers Cold Storage, Inc. 

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